“My understanding surrounds the truth of things,

And my truth is mixed up in me,

And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself,

And when it was known it was altogether in me.

And all that are in the universe are under me,

And all the habitable parts and deserts,

And everything created is under me,

And I am the ruling power preceding all that exists.

And I am he that spoke a true saying,

And I am the just judge and the ruler of the earth.

And I am he that men worship in my glory,

Coming to me and kissing my feet.

And I am he that spread over the heavens their height.

And I am he that cried in the beginning.

And I am he that of myself revealeth all things,

And I am he to whom came the book of good tidings” - from The Black Book of the Yezidiz.

Power Electronics de Ecuador a cargo de Transfigurator (Quito – Ecuador 2004)



3.-Astral Eye

Contact: transfigurator777@gmail.com

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